TEND (verb)

1. Look after, take care of, care for, minister to, attend to, see to, wait on: watch over,
keep an eye on, mind, protect, watch, guard, supervise;
nurture, cherish.

(In other words)

2. Delivering an uncompromising level of craftsmanship and sublime level of care to your home.

We are a home maintenance and remodel company. We take care of everything inside and outside of your home


Your house is like a living thing. Living things such as grass, trees, and plants surround it. Your house has natural properties running through such as gas and electricity. It even reflects the personalities of those who live in it.

The heart of home maintenance is to catch problems in their infancy — before a small issue becomes a massive dollar problem and an emotional nightmare. Not to mention, a properly maintained home relieves stress and anxiety. If you can’t trust your home to function properly, how can you relax? Isn’t it better to know you can come home, kick off your shoes, and relax with your family, instead of working around poorly functioning systems, fixture, and appliances?

Home maintenance requires less time and resources than you might imagine. The generally accepted rule is to give your home a thorough evaluation every 6 months to diagnose items in need of repair/maintenance. It is also common practice to set aside 1-3% of your house’s market value to pay for maintenance and repair.

TEND can cover your home maintenance needs. We have a wide network of contacts to make sure your home is maintained quickly without any anxiety or stress.

Timely home maintenance is extremely important not only for future resale, cheaper repairs, and safety but also for your family’s state of mind. With TEND Home Maintenance and TEND Home Remodeling as a supporting element, we take your dream and build around what’s most important — the people and relationships that are created there — week in and out.

We call this approach “the craftsmanship of care.” Allow us the privilege to tend for you.


Your home is one of your largest and most precious investments. It’s also where you lounge, sleep, entertain, have family moments and just live your life.

Tend Home maintenance is specifically qualified to assist you with maintaining and improving your residence in almost any capacity including preventative measures, repairs, detailed improvements and specialty services




In addition to our home maintenance service, TEND has remodeled and created some of finest homes in the Puget Sound. From wholesale home renovations and additions to relatively minor projects, we tailor our remodel services to suite your unique needs and bring your vision to life.